When you are young and having to make difficult choices in life.

Look around what do you see

It’s only you in the street

It’s no fun or a ride

This ain’t no place to try and hide

Look up and down and all around

Lost souls in lost and found

Get Out…Get Out…

Get Out… of the Street

Come on now look inside 

A broken heart fell to crime

Ain’t no place for a restless soul

Out of the street, is your goal

In the street in the night

A mean soul lookin’ to fight

Many days have gone by

You ask yourself, the reason why

you left home, on your own

You thought you had a place to go

You had to go to the street 

But things went wrong and you got mean… I said

*Get out of the Street

Save yourself, don’t look back

Turn around and get on track

Click on CD to hear 30 sec clips of music

Click on CD to hear 30 sec clips of music